Jami Mapes is the creator of the animated series he calls “a Hippopotamus”. He has a 14 year background in animation, marketing, and new business development. Jami is a musician and marched with the Bluecoats Drum & Bugle Corps in the early 1990’s. His pursuit of the series creation has connected him with people in the animation industry who have experience creating Pilot Books, pitching to major networks, and animation production. His commitment to the project is unmatched and persistence to see it through is inexhaustible. It is his desire to connect with people who share a similar passion for their projects.

Jami believes the majority of cartoons do not offer children the artistic depth they deserve, both visually and literary. Instead, they only seem to dispense a short, sugar buzz that keeps them tuned in for a few minutes, and no real value is imparted. When the right people are behind it, a cartoon can deliver to a young audience the same profoundness, quality, and excellence as live action – our new series will do just this.